Sponsors Opportunities

Digital marketing opportunities to engage the bioeconomy and grow your business

With granular data on the most successful marketing campaigns in the bioeconomy, our commercial and editorial teams work closely with you to determine the most effective messaging and channels to achieve your goals. We then execute the campaign with the highest efficiency and provide extensive statistical analysis on the results to inform your next steps and future campaigns. All with pre-agreed, measurable and guaranteed results for outstanding ROI.

The most effortless way to place your company or product front and centre of engaged subscribers.

What is it?

An exclusive commercial presence in your choice of newsletter (up to 10,000+ subscribers) consisting of a banner advert, 150 words of text, two trackable links and sponsorship acknowledgement in the editor’s welcome.

Key outcomes

  • Align your brand with the most relevant topics and receptive audience.
  • Increase awareness and expand your reach
  • Drive website traffic and boost inbound enquiries

Contact communication@biomarketinsight.com to learn more.